Corr Crown and Sepia

Corr, the Voyager

- When I was young I always dreamed I was a Voyager! - Fingal

A Voyager of Mistmantle is a Mistmantle citizen that can go beyond the mists more than three times, and can travel in and out of the mists by water; in other words, the mists have no containing powers over them. A Voyager is extremely rare, only appearing once every two-three hundred years, usually many generations after the former Voyager had died. To be a voyager will make you a legend and you will become very famous since it is so rare. Most Voyagers are otters, as they are the best at swimming and sailing. Only three voyagers are known to have existed in Mistmantle's history.

The only known Voyager was Corr, who appeared in book 4. But there have been 3 before him, most of them were otters. An otter voyager named Lochan is mentioned in book 3.

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