The Tower

The Tower is the largest palace of Mistmantle. It is built on a high outcrop of rock and is sand-stone yellow and is said to look almost like gold. Many animals live and work there, from the kitchen staff to the King and Queen. Curiously, many of the inhabitants of the tower are referred to as "Tower squirrels" regardless of whether they are squirrels or another species altogether.

It has a gathering chamber where large meetings, trials or ceremonies are held. There is a throne room where the king and queen hold smaller meetings or discussions, a turret that the priest uses and many other rooms, as well as tunnels and passageways that are very useful in Urchin and the Raven War.

Areas of Interest within the TowerEdit

The Chamber of CandlesEdit

An important cave in the books is the Chamber of Candles where, in Mistmantle's past, it was used as a dungeon by a mad squirrel king who used to make sacrifices of unsuspecting islanders by throwing them into the pit. According to legend, moles that survived being throne into the pit made tunnels and formed the Old Palace and made an army that defeated the king. The dungeon was sealed and forgotten until Husk found it by accident. Later Brother Fir goes and cleanses it of its dark past. Later on Juniper and Urchin follow a tunnel into the base of the pit where they find Husk's remains. It is renamed the Chamber of Candles and is used for blessings by the priests.

Brother Fir's TurretEdit

Brother Fir's turret is where the priest lives. It is located at the highest point within the tower. It has its own fireplace, where herbs are often burned with the wood, giving the room a soft, pleasant scent. It is known to have the best view from the castle and one can see very far across the island. Beneath the windows there are a couple of window boxes which Brother Fir had grown herbs in. It later became Brother Junipers turret.

The WorkroomsEdit

Where hedgehog and some squirrels make all cloaks and other garments are made for all the Tower's workers and residents. Needle, Myrtle and Thripple are working there, and they also make the Threadings in the workrooms. They also make all the decorations for parties and events, as well as wedding dresses.

The Gathering Chamber Edit

The Gathering Chamber is a room used to hold big events like coronations, admit animals to the circle, some festivals, and funerals. In the books it was also used to hold the casting of lots and talking to the swans about the ravens. They also sometimes meet in The Gathering Camber.

Throne Room Edit

The throne room is were the circle have their meetings. It is also were the thrones are. It the books it is were Urchin is made a captain and were Catkin originally took the swans in Raven war.

Spring Gate Edit

The Spring Gate is an entrance to The Tower. It has a spring at it. there are also chambers right near it including Corr's, Urchin's, and Padra and Arron's.