Crown and Sepia

Lord Crown, the leader of the island.

Swan Isle
is an island inhabited by arrogant swans and forgetful squirrels, and is home to a lake where many of the mute swans can be found. When Crispin was exiled, he landed there, and rescued Lord Arcneck's mate from being tangled up in water weeds and drowning, as well as a cygnet from a water snake. He met Whisper there, she was the only squirrel there that was polite. He fell in love with her and married her on Swan Isle. Later, after she was killed by Gloss. After her death, Crispin buried her near the sea shore, and made a cairn to mark the spot. He then flew home on Lord Arcneck. In Urchin and the Raven War, it fell temporarily to the ravens. During the battle there, when ravens were picking at "the princess's (Whisper's) grave", a squirrel named Pitter helped fight, and she was told by Crispin that "she was very valiant" for helping to save the Island. In book 5, Swan Isle gets swamped by a rage tide that kills Lord Arcneck.

Known Inhabitants Edit

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