He's the hedgehog in Needle's arms. Sepia is the squirrel and Fingal the otter in water.

- A Hedgehog baby! So lovely. - Brushen

Scufflen is the son of Ramblen and an unknown male hedgehog . His older sister is Needle.

Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

We heard form Needle that her mother has got a little son called Scufflen.

He, together with his sister and mother, is taken to the tower to be killed by Husk. Padra saves him, but later Husk makes the king agree on killing him anyway, and he is brought to the Tower again. Urchin promises Needle so save him and he tells Lugg where Scufflen is. He is saved and brought to Old Palace for the care of Mother Huggen and Moth. When Tay finds out about Old Palace and they have to escape, Needle helps them and carry her brother.