- Please don't hurt him! - Ruffle

Ruffle was a young female hedgehog, and a devoted servant of Mossberry . When she was taken under guard, she attempted to see him, but was thwarted by the guards. When Mossberry escaped, she ran to his side, not realizing she was little more than a hostage to Mossberry . When Mossberry was arrested, she begged them not to hurt Mossberry , but was reassured, being told that neither she nor Mossberry would be harmed.

She later visited Mossberry in his cell, but he took no notice of her or any one else, and she became distressed, telling Oakleaf that it wasn't his fault he was like he was. Oakleaf comforted her, and told her to get on with her life, and see his Mother and Brother Juniper. She was last seen accepting a biscuit from a kindly guard mole.