Myrtle is a young hedgehog girl who work in the Workroom together with Needle. She started work there early ans goes into a daze where she sews symbols into the threadings. Even though she is not aware of the threadings code, these symbols predict events of the future. Her younger siblings are Furtle and Ouch.


She is very little, and is descriped to have more squirrel eyes, and not hedgehog.


She is very shy. When she made a threading she often is made thing without knowing it from the Threading Code and she have always right.


Urchin and the raven warEdit

Myrtle joins the workrooms before the war begins. Her first prophecy, a sword pointed upward in the tower, appears in the threadings and cause concern in Needle and Thripple. She later sews the symbols for danger and the death of royalty. At the end of the book, she draws an otter in a round boat, the symbol of a voyager.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

When her siblings, Furtle and Spirtle (Ouch), disapear after the rage tide, Myrtle is very distraught. She searches for them with Urchin and Needle, and made several symbols that helped to guide them to find the hedgehogs.

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