Sepia by fortunatafox-d5pjlpi

Crispin's CoronationEdit

Here we bring Crispin,

Swanrider Crispin,

Sing for the king to the mist and the tide

Mistmantle LullabyEdit

Waves of the seas

Wind in the trees

Spring scented breeze

For your sleeping, sleeping

Sleep while I pray

Peace for your day

Heart hold your way

In its keeping, keeping

Tower Battle songEdit

While the stars rise and set

And the waves ebb and flow

While the mists rise above us and the earth holds below

Heart Keep YouEdit

Heart keep you

Heart hold you

Heart free you-

Turning of the YearEdit

Turn for the East and yearn for the waking,

Warmth after Winter, light after night,

Turn to the East where daylight is breaking...

Hymn to the Heart

May Heart claim you with joy and forgive you with love

May your Heart fly freely to the heart that gave you life

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