Captain Lugg

He was the best mole ever dug in the ground. -Lady Cott.

Captain Lugg was a mole Captain. He was married to Lady Cott and had three daughters, Wing, Wren and Moth. He died when he and Urchin tried to save CatkinLinty killed him, when they landed in the water. He was an important and well respected member of the Circle. After his death, the moles were reluctant to follow Lugg's footsteps and take his place, because they felt that they couldn't do as good a job as he did.


Lugg had a kindly face. He was a strong digger and had a great amount of infomation of tunnels running under the sea. Lugg hates the sea and boats as he is a mole who stay underground.


Captain Lugg was a very caring and thoughtful animal. It is often noted that he winks at Urchin in tight spots.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

He aided Crispin when he was exiled and was pivotal in the insurrection of Husk. He was helping Padra and Urchin to save the baby animals. He was also the one to save Scufflen. He saved a lot of animals from being culled.

In the end of the book, he and Arran get made Captains.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Captain Lugg attempted to rescue Urchin and Juniper from Whitewings. But his band of moles were killed and captured. He then went into hiding with The Larchlings.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Captain Lugg, in an attempt to rescue Princess Catkin, approaches Linty to try and calm her. However, the confused squirrel attacks him and he drowns. He is later given a funeral and burial surrounded by his family and friends. Fingal of the Floods decided he would honor Captain Lugg, so he named his boat "Captain Lugg".

She is the little mole.


Lady Cott------Captain Lugg
                      Tipp, Todd 

                     2 girls


Lugg is a hero of Mistmantle. He is now remembered in the threadings, made by Needle, because what he did for the Princess.