Crown and Sepia
Birthplace: Swan Isle
Family: Lord Arcneck(father) Lady Arcneck (mother)
Appears in: Books:

Crown was the son of Lord and Lady Arcneck and later Lord of Swan Isle. He is the son of Lord and Lady Arcneck.


Crown first appears as a cygnet who is saved by King Crispin from a water snake.

He appears again in Urchin and the Raven War, when the swans from Swan Isle come to Mistmantle Island seeking help from Crispin against the ravens serving the Archraven. Unlike his father, Crown is not bossy and cares about other animals; he is reluctant to leave Mistmantle and carries Pitter and Scatter to Whitewings Island to obtain aid in the war against the ravens. Crown tells Crispin at the end of the fourth book that he wants to be a king like Crispin.

In Urchin and the Rage Tide , he becomes Lord Crown. When Corr the Voyager comes to Swan Isle, asking his help, Crown helps save Sepia. When they arrive at Ashfire Island, he brakes his wing. On Mistmantle, he is called "Mistmantle's Friend".

Corr Crown and Sepia

Corr, Crown, and Sepia

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