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HNI 0007

Linty with Catkin

Linty is a squirrel whose children, Daisy and a baby boy, have been culled by Husk. When she was young, she was a dancer, and lived in the Tangletwigs. That is why she is able to move so well through the Tangletwigs. She is hired by Queen Cedar to watch over Catkin, but when Linty realizes she was in the tower, she panickes, believing that Catkin needed saving. She kidnapps Catkin, and hides in old mole tunnels. While Linty is hiding, she slowly slips into insanity, mistaking Catkin for Daisy and become more paranoid as she hears voices above ground. Finally, she tries to leave the island, but is stopped by Sepia. Linty was distrustful of captains after Husk killed her children, and attacks Lugg, who falls into the water and drowns.

Linty is now cared for by healers. It is currently unknown what happened to her.