Fionn is the youngest daughter of Padra and Arran, the sister of Tide and Swanfeather, and the niece of Fingal.


Fionn seems to be very fascinated by frogs and tries to teach them to talk.


Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

Fionn is still very young and does not appear much, only in the water, playing with some frogs.

Her mother, Captain Lady Arran asks to be relieved of her duties as Captain so she can spend more time with Fionn. Fionn has many frogs at pets.

Family Edit

  1. Mother: Captain Lady Arran
  2. Father: Captain Padra
  3. Brother: Tide
  4. Sister: Swanfeather
  5. Uncle: Fingal

Family TreeEdit

        Captain Lady Arran-------Captain Padra

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