"Crackle, you are the Queen of the bakers." - Brother Fir

Crackle is a squirrel from Anemone Wood, former best friend of Gleaner and a pastry cook in The Tower and a good friend of Fingal. She is known to rather be killed than to let the kitchen be messy.


Crackle is introduced as a rather obnoxious squirrel from the great influence that Gleaner held over her. But once she saw Gleaner being more interested in pleasing Lady Aspen than being her friend, Crackle becomes more good natured. She dreams of being a hero and wants to be friends with everyone. However, despite her faults, she is a loyal and kind animal.

After she get the work as a cook she changed personality and is very loyal to the kitcen and more want to die that the kitchen should be messy.


Urchin of the Riding StarsEdit

Crackle is first seen with Gleaner as they tease Urchin about his would-be destiny of starting work at the harbors while Gleaner would get to work in The Tower.

Crackle comes to The Tower with flowers for King Brushen after his son is murdered and asks nervously if there was a place for her to work in The Tower.

Crackle and Gleaner

Gleaner tells Crackle a secret

She is later seen with Gleaner as her old best friend whispers Lady Aspen's secret about Urchin taking "one fall too many". However, Crackle decides to tell Padra this, which ends up saving Urchin.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

Crackle continues to work in the kitchen as a pastry cook, and is seen with Fingal, Needle and Scatter.

She is the running squirrel

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Crackle try's very hard to become good friends with Urchin, Needle, Juniper, and Fingal. Needle starts to like her, but Urchin still feels uneasy about her.

When she finds out that Linty kidnapped Catkin, she looks for her for days. Crackle wants to to be the one to find Catkin, since all her other 'friends' are heroes.

Later on she becomes better friends with Fingal and Scatter. When Fingal goes looking for what has caused the Fouldrought disease, she helps him look.

When Fingal finds the decaying fish, she runs to the tower to inform the king .

When she finds out what happened to Fingal, she is very worried. She takes the blame, but Fingal is happy about it. He thanks her, and he hugs her and Scatter.

When Crispin have a speak she, Scatter and Fingal gets flowers. When she gets her flower she is so happy that the whole island is applausing for her.

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

When Corr comes to The Tower bearing Kingsmantle seaweed, Crackle makes it into a special cake for the dying Brother Fir.

When Crackle comes out of hiding in the kitchen after the Raven's attack on the Tower's kitchens, she's distraught at the sight of her trashed kitchen, but slowly brings herself to start cleaning.

She later helps Needle to fortify the Tower corridors by dumping cooking oil and soapy water all over the floors.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

She makes caramells for Fingal.

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