Birthplace: Mistmantle Island
Family: Fingal of the Floods (brother)
Captain Lady Arran (wife)
Brother Tide (son)
Swanfeather (daughter)
Fionn (daughter)
Weapon(s): Sword
Allegiance: King Brushen, King Crispin, Queen Catkin
Appears in: Books:

"I always knew I had seaweed where my brain should be." -Captain Padra

Padra is an easy going otter senior captain on Mistmantle. He is the older brother of Fingal of the Floods, husband to Captain Lady Arran, and father to Tide, Swanfeather, and Fionn. His former page was Urchin of the Riding Stars and his best friend since childhood is King Crispin. He is a high member of the Circle.


Padra is an otter who has been described to wear a pleasant expression and looks as though is always about to laugh.


Padra had been described as easy-going, intelligent, considerate, and sympathetic.

He has also been shown to have a rebellious and secretive side. During Captain Husk's reign over King Brushen, he, along with Lugg, Arran, Moth, and Mother Huggen, rescued all the babies who where put on the list to be culled due to birth abnormalities or simply for being small.

He has been shown to deeply love Arran and had been nudged several times during Urchin of the Riding Stars to ask her to mary him. However, he'd always reply that "she'd only hit me"; however, he later learned that the only reason Arran hadn't asked him to marry her was that she thought he would laugh.


Early lifeEdit

Padra is born to a unknown otter pair, who later had his little brother, Fingal. When the first Rage Tide came, his father died, and probably his mother too, because Padra promised to take care of his baby brother Fingal. He sent his brother to a place far away from the Tower so he would be safe from everything that happened there, and Padra grew up with his best friend, Crispin, and eventually became a Captain of Mistmantle.

Urchin and the Riding StarsEdit

Padra is introduced as an easy-going captain of Mistmantle. He's Crispin's best friend and they are captains together along with Husk.

When Crispin is exiled from Mistmantle, he takes on Crispin's new page, Urchin as his own, although he does say that it's unusual for an otter to take a squirrel as a page. He, along with Urchin and Brother Fir begin to work together to prove Husk's treachery.

Padra and apple by fortunatafox-d5j2uhl

Padra an Apple dancing in Husk and Aspen's wedding.

When Crackle and Needle inform Padra and Brother Fir of Husk's plans to have Urchin slain, they make plans to send him away from Mistmantle and to find and bring Crispin back from his exile. As they were going to launch the boat from the North shore, Padra doubles back to find Lugg and get him to go with Urchin. However, Urchin disobeys and had Brother Fir push him out while Padra is gone and asks him to say his good-bye to Padra for him. While Urchin is gone, Padra worries much about the well-being of his page.

Padra made a speech during the Spring Festival which brought down Husk and spurred the movement that saved the island. He and Husk were going to duel, but were intervened by the appearance of Urchin and Crispin rididng on swans, and the arrival of Riding stars, at which, he backs down and allows Crispin to take his duel.

After the battle is won, he and Arran admit their feelings for each other and he asks her to marry him. Arran hits him gently and he laughed. When he and Arran go to ask Crispin for permission to be wed, Crispin had already guessed.


"...Padra and Arran had a very simple wedding early in the morning beside the sea and celebrated with a long swim afterwards. Brother Fir married them and not many people were present – Urchin, and Crispin, of course, Needle, Fingal, Hope, and a few close friends. They asked Sepia to sing. Then invited all the island to a party later that day. It was summertime, they were all on the shore, and there was a lot of fun and splashing."
-From an email sent by Margaret McAllister on October 3, 2017.

Urchin and the HeartstoneEdit

He gets Urchin to meet Juniper because Juniper doesn't know many squirrels his age but has heard of Urchin. When Hope and Fingal got lost in the cave, Needle first tells Padra what happened. He comforts her and leads her to the Throne Room. When it is discovered that the two made it out mostly unharmed. Padra shows his worry by repeatedly looking over Fingal to see if he was unharmed and quietly listens while Fingal relays the story of what he and Hope did.

He and Arran have twins, a boy and a girl. They name the boy Tide and have some difficulty naming the girl but they do decide upon Swanfeather.

During the Hedgehog Host's rebellion against King Crispin, Padra stands and fights at his king's side and later comforts Sepia when her voice is hurt from her encounter with Gorsen and cannot sing.

When Urchin, Juniper, and Lugg return on the ship from Whitewings , he, along with Arran and Fingal swim out to greet them and tow the boat into the jetty.

The Heir of MistmantleEdit

Padra is first seen eating with his wife, younger brother, and twins, Swanfeather and Tide on the beach. He announces to Urchin as her brings out the soup that he'd won their bet as Fingal had started talking about his new boat before he arrived. Loser had to polish the sword belts for Princess Catkin's naming ceremony the next day. Before Catkin's naming ceremony, he tells Urchin that, as he was going to be admitted to The Circlesoon, didn't have to call him "sir" anymore. However, Urchin replied that he liked it. When Princess Catkin goes missing, Padra reports that he and Captain Lugg had stationed guards along the shore and in the tunnels so Linty couldn't leave the island with the princess. In the days that pass, Padra notices knots of younger animals gossiping and spreading rumors that Captain Husk had returned and reports this information to King Crispin. When Crispin calls a meeting of The Circle animals, Urchin, Needle, and Sepia, Padra confirms that he did indeed see Husk fall into the pit during the battle of Mistmantle and that he was indeed dead. Urchin and Brother Fir also agree. During the landslide due to the amount of rain, Padra leads a team who was making a dam to hold the water back.

Urchin and the Raven WarEdit

When Lord Arcneck and the other swans land on Mistmantle, he is summoned by Crispin to appear in the Throne Room with him, Cedar, and Urchin. During the Raven attacks on Mistmantle, Padra fights faithfully at Crispin's side as well as defending the Spring Gate with Arran. He also pledges to remain in the tower should the ravens break in. In last he is holding Fir's grave box and later he appers in a meet to talk about Corr.

Urchin and the Rage TideEdit

Padra asks to resign due to the guilt he feels for letting Corr leave the islands without consulting anyone. Crispin declines his request for he feels what Padra had done was right and was something he would do. He was one of the three animals who knew of Crispin's injury which would kill him. The loss of his lifelong best friend hits him very hard. In one of the last chapter he is getting a hug from Urchin when he gets a yes from Sepia of the Songs to marry him.