Creeper killing Bronze

was a big, burly male hedgehog from Whitewings who went to Mistmantle with Lord Treeth, Scatter, and Trail in Urchin and the Heartstone.

Bronze helped Trail kidnap Urchin and bring him back to Whitewings to the berserk king, Silverbirch, and his sorcerer, Smokewreath. Bronze was accused of stealing food by Trail on the boat to Whitewings, while it was Juniper, hiding under the boat, the whole time. He and Trail appeared to argue a lot.

At Whitewings, Bronze disliked Granite, who now worked for Silverbirch. Bronze was Urchin's jailer, and, along with Trail, enjoyed poking him and calling him a freak. He was killed by Creeper, Silverbirch's assassin and spy by Granite's order after Trail told him that Bronze wants to become a new Lord Marshal and overthrow Granite.