• Hunnymole

    We all like to sit down, relax by the fireplace, and tuck our snouts into a good book now and then, do we not? Recently, The Mistmantle Chronicles by Margaret McAllister has provided me with such repast.

    I was not one day past ten years old the third time I took leave of my lazy hometown and travelled about big, bustling Calgary. It was my birthday, after all, and what could be better than perusing Calgary's largely untouched treasures-- its cosy bookstores?

    It's easy to recollect now the inviting scent of books, both new and old, in the Owl's Nest Bookstore on 49th Avenue Southwest. I hastily snatched up a copy of one of the Duncton books, looking left and right to be certain of my prize, and was making departure when I spotted a smart little …

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  • Rivenwold

    Hello fellow Wikians! It's an exciting new year for the Mistmantle Wiki: as of the 1st of January we have uncovered ten new translations of The Mistmantle Chronicles (thanks to the considerable help of our Russian, Norwegian, and Hungarian users), and have also crossed the 200-page mark well on-time as well. 

    So it is now with great pleasure that I introduce the first Mistmantle Wiki Fan-Fiction Contest this year!

    Submitted Fan Fiction should be in Short Story form: that is, not longer than seven chapters; and should be posted in Blog format. Otherwise, there are no excess rules save that you exclude mature content. This site is for kids, too!

    Happy New Year from the Administration of Mistmantle Wiki, everyone!

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  • Verity the Haremaiden
    Hello chaps, chapesses and laddie bucks! Most of you know I'm less of the writer type an' more o' the jolly old song-writer type, if that flippin' well makes any blinkin' sense, wot! Well, here's a few of my songs, most of 'em Long Patrol ballads, plus a few tuneless scripts to boot, as they come to my bally old brain. This is a place for me to keep all of my songs so anyway if you're passing through, enjoy!

    March of the Fifty-Third Foot
    (A old border hare Patroller's reminiscences composed into a ballad)


    O the jolly ald Fifty-Third Foot,
    Have thaer grand ald place in history;
    An' now patrollin', always forward,
    They live again in mah memory.

    The wither was cold an' bittah,
    On that ill-fated Wintah's day;
    When a-shoutin' Bluid, Death an' Vine…

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  • Scriptore

    Cup O' Tea

    June 14, 2014 by Scriptore

    Hello! Dinn the Traveller here! I've made this blog for the users of this wiki to relax a bit, have a cuppa and share tales and story ideas or talk about the Mistmantle books and others in its genre, such as Redwall and Mouse Guard.

    Come on, have a seat and grab a biscuit!

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  • Rivenwold

    This is something that's going to need resolving before any articles here are going to make any sense.

    Are the articles on this wiki going to be in third-person present or in past tense? Otherwise we'll keep reverting it to one of the two, or a rather confusing mixture of both, and that's not going to help anything, is it? 

    Well, for starters, look at the flippin' characters and their biographies. Did The Silver Prince live, or does he live? Did Crispin duel Husk in the books, or is he dueling Husk at this very blinkin' moment?

    To fit standard grammar, it's got to fit one of the two, but not both, or it'll be bloomin' madness!

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  • Sepia24601

    I want to tell the story of how I found this book series, because I am rather fond of it.

    In fourth grade, my teacher had a tradition of giving each student a book on thier birthday. So, when I cam my turn, she led me over to the wall of shiny, generic childrens chapter books. Between the rows of baby-sitters clubs and Magic Treehouses (Don't get me wrong, those are good books) I found a jem. Well, I could see the white lines along the seem from being opened too wide, but a jem none the less. I was obsessed with animals. I was obsessed with swords. Jackpot was practically written on the cover.

    "I want this one!" I declared, pulling the book to my chest.

    "Are you sure?" My teacher asked, trying to point me towards the more 'apporpraite' titles…

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  • JuneCat

    Hello. I doubt anyone is reading this blog post. As, I have seen this:

    This is the first time I have checked on this wiki in 4 MONTHS.

    I am sad that this wiki has fallen apart. I don't know if any of my old friends are still active at all. :(

    I'm going to still edit. I will continue until this wiki is truly complete. It will take a very long time, of course, but it can happen. So if anyone is actually reading this, I would really appreciate the help. ________________________________________________________________________________

    I'm sorry I wasn't here to help you X(

    --JuneCat 05:45, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • JuneCat


    November 4, 2012 by JuneCat

    Ooohh! A Blog! I'm probably never going to write anything on this....

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  • QueenMe


    October 20, 2012 by QueenMe


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  • QueenMe


    September 7, 2012 by QueenMe
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  • QueenMe


    September 6, 2012 by QueenMe

    The 3 first book is on the way to me

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  • QueenMe

    Books on te way!

    September 2, 2012 by QueenMe

    I hawe try for many months to reach MIstmantle Cronics on English( i have them in Norwegian), but ALL THE PAGES WE TRY CANT SEND TO NORWAY! We found one, ut we cant get them before October maybe...

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  • Scarletwind

    I speculate that the final book (if it's written and I sorely hope it is) is going to be about Urchin working to free Mistmantle from the mists, Catkin struggling with the weight of being queen/finding a mate/Padra and some of the older animals stepping aside to let the new generation take the lead.

    I imagine, if any my theories are true, that the book might be titled Urchin and the Mists of Mistmantle or Urchin and the Mists of the Past. I also want Fingal and/or Needle to get a love interest and be able to see more of Tide and Swanfeather.

    Well, that's my speculation. Thank you all who've decided to listen to my rambling. May Heart keep you

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  • Falcon31


    November 12, 2010 by Falcon31

    Ever wondered what Almond and Cedars life before the Mistmantle Chronicles was like? Here's my fanfic about it.

    Almond stood on top of the rocky hill and looked out over the sea towards a far off island that she could not see but dreamed of every day. Mistmantle. An island shrouded by magical mists, allowing only a few choosen creatures to enter, an island where stars flew across the sky, so close to the earth that one could almost reach out and touch them...

    Sighing, she sat down and brushed some dust off her honey and red coloured fur then got up, turned around and trudged down the hill, kicking rocks as she went, a scowl on her normally cheerful and gentle features.

    Ashfire was many things but beautiful beyond description was not one of t…

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