"Kill and devour! We will kill and devour you, tree-rat! Who dares stand against us?" - Archraven

The Archraven was a large, aggressive male raven, and the first leader of the Raven Army that conquered Swan Isle. His call was "Kill and Devour!" and it was used frequently in battles and in greetings. His son was the Silver Prince, a Raven who's wings appear to shine like silver in the sunlight. The Archraven had a wife who was killed by the Silver Prince after disrespecting him. His sister was the Taloness, the second in command of all Raven Armies. The Archraven used his son as an excuse to attack Swan Isle and he soon defeated Lord Arcneck's forces. However when reinforcements from Mistmantle came he saw them as food, not as an enemy.


The Archraven died trying to kill King Crispin to break the Mistmantle warriors' spirits. After six ravens had attacked Lord Arcneck, King Crispin's fellow warrior, the Archraven saw that King Crispin was alone and tried to kill him. But King Crispin was too quick and nimble and quickly killed the Archraven, but not before he recieved a near fatal wound that would never fully recover.