"She had red color down her spine and it faded into honey color on either side, and there was more red on her ears and tail, but the rest was your color."

-Cedar description Almond to Urchin

"heart keep you, may someone love you. Be happy"

-Almond to baby urchin

Almond is a ' favored ' and brave squirrel from Whitewings and Ashfire. She is the mother of Urchin, the wife of Candle, mother-in-law of Sepia and the best friend of Cedar, Larch and Flame.

Almond was borned on Ashfire but she had to escape as a young girl to Whitewings because of a volcano. When she came to Whitewings, she got a close relationship to another girl escaping, Cedar. They became good friends and Cedar told Urchin she was like an older sister to her. She thought Cedar about medecines. She fell in love with the priest, Brother Candle and they had a quiet wedding together. Right after she got pregnant with Urchin her husband died, Cedar begged to escape since the king was after them. Almond gave her best friend a bracelet of some of her fur, which was normal for girls to do to each others. She escaped on a boat, hoping it would take her to Mistmantle which it did.

Almond is actually mentioned in the first book during the Prologue. She got off the ship with her birthing pains already starting and crawled onto the beach. The birth was very difficult and it weakened her so when Urchin was born she was only able to clean him off, then died without giving him a name. After Urchin is found by Crispin, Brother Fir, and Apple the Prologue ends with the sea picking up Almond's body, cradling her, and taking her out to sea.

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